Finally going to see the Avengers was an entertaining comedy of errors. I had planned to go see it in the U-District on a 1:00 clock showing and based on what I had heard about sold out showings I wasn’t particularly optimistic about getting in to what was a very small theater.  Unfortunately in my online schedule check I got the Metro, which is in the U-District, mixed up with the Varsity, which is in neighboring Wallingford. So you can imagine my surprise after giving myself a half hour and getting to the Metro with time to spare to discover that it was closed (by the look of it permanently) In desperation I made a bee line it to the mall theater figuring if I was late for one showing the next one would not be too much of a wait. I realized my Varsity/Metro mix up just when  I passed the point it was too far to turn around, which was frustrating, but I made it to the mall theater right on time A little crowded but not as if I had wasted my time trying to get there.

So back to the Avengers… It was fun… A lot of fun… nothing that I would call high art in any sense of the imagination but fun. Joss Whedon, as always wrote a script with extremely fun dialogue that took full advantage of his characters and like he did  in Thor, Tom Hiddleston owned every scene he was in. I sincerely hope he gets as much work as he can handle.

And all in all it did an excellent job on taking a comic book. The effects are spectacular and as long as you keep your suspension of disbelief cranked up to the nines you’ll have a great time. Keep in mind when I’m say this I’m not talking about believing a man can turn into rampaging green juggernaut… I’m talking about things like SHEILD’s nonexistent security protocols, the tendency to treat anyone not wearing spandex like a victim or at best in the way (I counted a good 20 planes on the Helli-carrier which didn’t get blown to bits during the first attack. Care to explain why they weren’t out there shooting aliens?) I can go on but really in the end in a movie like this that isn’t important. You go to films like this for the roller coaster ride and Robert Downey Jr’s snarky remarks. Asking questions make the plot fall apart.

In short for everybody who is not a chronic nickpicker, like your’s truly, Avenger’s is a wonderful bit of fluff that you will all enjoy.