Wow. You know when I first thought I needed to do a month’s worth of strips for an attempt to syndicate the strip I couldn’t believe I could do it. After that I had a similar belief about 100. After that I stayed pretty jaded until 500 strips but now… Wow. Ultimately it’s like being a shark, you stop swimming you die.

Anyway it’s been a wild ride and with any luck the next thousand will be even better.

Anyway for the strip lineup from right to left is as follows: Nancy, Kris, Paul, Kate, Brian, Michelle, Janet, Laurel, Lisa, Blossom, Gage, Francine, Hsin, Åke, Lori, Mr. Zhu, Mr. Ying, Sam, Shilo, Fedya, Olive, Annie, Frank, Scylla, Ogre, Mr. Mookherjee, Falani, Border Guard, Tara, Rowan, Bian, Richard Okubo, Conal, Liam, Kestrel, Dora.