I’ve been enjoying My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic since I first heard about it some time last year. I remember my first response to it was “oh no, don’t tell me they’re doing it again!” (having lived through the eighties I remember the original cartoons and was convinced at the time it was sponsored by the makers of insulin) my second response was “I don’t believe it this is pretty good”.

Anyway despite enjoying it and the fanscene I don’t really consider myself a Brony. For the most part, I associate the term with some really obsessive types. I know it’s nitpicking but it works for me. Besides… as a fan and student of animation I’ve never had any guilty hangups about liking children’s programs.

However I’ve been a fan of Discworld far longer. So when I came across two characters in the two franchises that had the same name, certain images occurred to me.

I usually avoid fanart I generally think it’s a waste of time. But recently It occurred to me that it could serve as an exercise by pretending it was a work for hire job with a deadline and serve as a change of scene. Also after some frustration it occurred to me that fanart might be a way of getting more visibility on my Deviantart account.

Anyway look forward to hearing what you all think (otherwise don’t hold my moment of weakness against me.)