Okay, today’s piece is from the saloon gallery at the RISD Art Museum. I’m embarrassed to say I mislabeled it as the Marriage of Thetis & Pelius, which is in another room and so far I haven’t been able to ID it after the fact. Drawing this one was interesting as I botched my initial layout when getting the fundamental details down and everything kind of overflowed out of the initial rectangle, that I’d put down as a thumbnail for the composition and kind of spilled out onto the rest of the page.


It turns out my notes were right after all. Joachim Antonisz. Wtewael  Dutch 1566 – 1638 The Marriage of Pelius and Thetis 1610. It’s just when I looked it up to confirm all of the data steered me to the Marriage of Pellius and Thetis in the Museum’s Renaissance room.