So after many weeks of my friends in the know recommending it and even more weeks of being wowed by images of collapsing cities in the previews, I finally saw inception, and to put it completely bluntly… WOW.

To be honest I hadn’t the slightest idea what to expect. Sure I had heard said friends talk about it, while trying to avoid the spoilers, and because of this I knew it was about people going into a dream. But then so are several other movies I like such as Paprika and Dreamscape.  So anyway I went with an open mind expecting something good and complex. It did not disappoint.

This has been a good year for Science Fiction. Whatever else we may think of Avatar, it reminded us that the genre can follow the level of complexity that we expect in the book, and it doesn’t have to be dumbed down for the masses. By this standard Inception followed up in spades.

Without blowing anything, and this film has plenty that I could blow, this was a movie that demands multiple viewings and I will have to get the DVD for so I can get all of the nuances eventually. It’s very refreshing to watch a film that challenges us, and does not hold our hand. A film that makes us wonder if anything is real and, if so, will we embrace the fantasy.