Today’s drawing is labeled¬†“Pumpkin Wicked This Way Comes”. The pumpkin sketch that you inevitably have to do is always the hardest. It’s not that there’s something wrong with pumpkins. It’s just there’s not much you can do with them without just making them a greeting card with a jack o lantern on them. In the past, I’ve managed to get around this by trying different approaches. In one I went with the Wicked Jack story and in another, I did a play on the Great Pumpkin.

But today I was stumped.

I briefly thought I’d try to pun on the punny title. But in regards to its original search, Macbeth, there’s a witch sketch coming up, and as for the other most known use, the Ray Bradbury story and movie… What’s so scary about a Merry-Go-Round out of context?

All I can say is it’s a good thing I saw¬†Invasion of the Body Snatchers this week.

Inktober Day Four - Pumpkin Wicked This Way Comes