Inktober Sketch Day one - Cerberus

The original Hound of Hades looks down on the incoming shades of the dead.

Well October is finally here and we all know what that means, Inktober! This year I’ve fine tuned my rules for this. So along with only using 10 point markers, I’m also limiting the size of the drawing to five by eight.

So anyway I am stoked! I have been working on my Halloween monster list for months and I put all of the names into the magic tupperware and we’re ready.

So today I just shook the tupperware and the first name that I drew was… Cerberus!

Cerberus (which I keep mistyping as Cerebus) Is one of the parts of Greek Mythology that just about everyone knows about everyone knows about. Because of this he’s been a bit watered down by pop culture, rom being cameoing in Harry Potter, under the name Fluffy, to getting his ears scratched by Hades, while Hades tells Harry Dresden that Cerberus is greek for Spot in Skin Game(technically accurate though other theories include flesh devourer and evil of the pit) and finally a bull dog version shows up in My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic where he is easily distracted by belly rubs and rubber balls. Obviously We needed to get him back to his roots for a decent halloween monster sketch.

So here he’s looking down at the shades of the dead on their way to Hades, making absolutely sure that this is their only option.