I’m pretty sure the lame pun “Reel Monsters” means doing any movie monster I feel like. (Unless they really want me to do my own versions of the characters from the Klasky Csupo show.)

Anyway, this is too much like “do whatever you want” instructions which always gives me a bad case of “Baskin Robins Syndrome”. (the mental shutdown you get when offered a choice of 31 flavors and you end up getting chocolate because you can’t think of anything else.)

Finally, I had the idea to do a monster version of my favorite scene in Gods and Monsters. In it, James Whale (played wonderfully by Ian McClellan) remembers the filming of Bride of Frankenstein. Right before the famous, she’s alive, scream scene, we have this scene of Whale, Elsa Manchester (the Bride) and Ernest Thesiger (Dr. Pretorius) are chatting before they get into character. It’s hilarious seeing these two actors in full makeup acting all lovey-dovey. (sorry I can’t find a clip of this)

So I decided to see if I could recreate that vibe… only with real monsters.

Inktober Day Twelve - Ah! Reel Monsters!