Day Twenty-Five’s prompt, “Do as I say not as I Voodoo, had me scratching my head. For the usual reasons, I was having trouble thinking of ways to do do a voodoo image that said voodoo. The biggest problem is, to the casual observer, the voodoo zombie is indistinguishable from Hollywood zombies, and I’d already done them. I had an idea for a Voodoo Lady conducting a ritual in the swamp, but she would have been too similar to the two witch images on this list.

I eventually went with having two Loa, Baron Samedi, and Maman Brigitte watching zombies walk up a dirt road. I decided to focus on Maman Brigitte because I didn’t trust myself to turn Baron Samedi into a one-man minstrel show.

Having said that I’m really pleased how this one turned out.

Twenty Five - For Day Twenty Five of Inktober the prompt was Do as I Say Not as I Voodoo