Well the episode every one has been looking forward to since season one has finally come and went I was very happy. To be honest I had expecting this episode to be just a little later into the season (which threw my pet theory that the song “hands of gold” was going to be featured out the window) But this was good and considering how much is going to happen in this season it makes sense in the long run.

Having read the books there are always a lot of scenes I wonder just how they are going to do it. For this episode it was the dwarf jousting. Since in the book it is two dwarfs riding a pig and a dog I was really wondering about the logistics of it. The show does the same routine completely differently. In this case they go with more dwarfs with pantomime horses so no actual animals are harmed. Just as funny and as insulting to Tyrion and several other members of the cast. The only thing that distracted my viewing was trying to spot a character who should be appearing in season five.

Other than that this episode has me asking questions and wanting more. ┬áSince the return of Ser Dontos I’ve been wondering about other characters. showing up. So far the cast member I’m missing the most is Kevan Lannister. He only had one cameo in season one but since his his presence starts to pick up in the book this season is based on I’m expecting him to show up soon. On the flip side I find myself interested in the new character Locke who was created to replace Vargo Hoat from the books. But at this point he has outlive Hoat and seems to have his own story starting now But the character I found myself wondering the most about was Shae. Now keep in mind I know the fate of Shae but since she is such a different character than she is a book, I expect the trip to that fate be different and interesting.