I confess when I started writing this post it was going to be much darker and pessimistic but then the Seahawks went and won putting me in a disgustingly good mood and completely threw me off my grove.

I’ll be honest I wasn’t looking forward to this game. Based on the Seahawks ugly win against the Saints and San Francisco kicking the Panthers ass last week I had mostly written the season off and was trying to do my best to ignore the game and the growing hype before the game.

For the most part I tend to be a pathetic fair weather fan and other than rooting for the home team I’ve never been the biggest Seahawks fan (It all comes down to watching them play when I first moved out here and said to myself “forget it, it’s embarrassing enough being a Pats fan.” A couple of years later the Patriots started getting really good and then things got confusing.) I was mostly neutral when the threat of a move came up in the end of the nineties but had grown into a nominal fan by the time they made their first Superbowl (and let’s not get into that disaster of a game.) And had been waiting for them to get really good ever since.

And because of this I’ve really enjoyed this nearly perfect season. But as time went on I started getting a little gun shy about it being too good to be true and began to worry that the Seahawks would screw up in a spectacular way. (I won’t say I’m superstitious but I can be a bit neurotic which looks about the same from a brief glance.)

The other thing is despite the fan’s enthusiasm bits of it were beginning to feel a bit creepy. “Go Hawks” as a social greeting began to sound like a Fox News viewer saying “Merry Christmas” or… (For anyone who read or saw Handmaid’s Tale) “Blessed be the Fruit.” and depressed fans after a loosing game are bad enough durring the regular season. So anyway as I said before, in the name of a productive afternoon, I attempted to have a sports blackout. Hopefully, I thought, I would only hear any bad news about 48 hours after the fact in passing after everyone is mostly over it.

It turned out as the second half came around, this was not an option. As cheering and fireworks from my neighbors gave me an indirect play by play and I ended up checking the score every two minutes. A nail biter but rewarding in the end.

So now for better of for worse, the Seahawks season has two more weeks to go. My only regret right now is the Broncos beat the Patriots. I would have liked to see my two teams go head to head.