Well I did the Art walk last night. I’d “done” it before doing illustration demonstrations over at the Dreaming. But this was the first time I actually walked and looked at the various displays. The first was some of the photography of my friend J Kovach, of Feral Sky Studios, at Gargoyles. The second was at Upper Playground, a new high end t-shirt shop, that was showing the works of Alex Pardee. Most of his work consisted of very bizarre surrealist cartoons, very well done though.

It was the first time I had ever checked out Upper Playground since it had first opened up a couple of months ago. It was crowded and lively and I got myself stuck in an unmoving line to see the exhibit. Just as I was beginning to get very annoyed I realized I was standing in the autograph line.

The really depressing thing is that between this and J’s opening is this is the closest thing I’ve gotten to going out for a night on the town.