For the Third Day of my April Fairy Tale Sketch Challenge I Drew Snow White.With the the planned randomness of these challenges I was a little surprised that I got one of the fun ones, Snow White, this early. Not that I’m complaining at all.

I had second choices about the composition choice minutes into doing it. Liking to think myself as a modern guy I have a bit of discomfort that most of the story Snow White is the dwarfs’ domestic. (as far as the “Dwarves” vs “Dwarfs” argument is concerned, I’m using “dwarfs” to make a distinction between the little guys in northern European fairy tales from Tolkien’s badass (albeit short) warriors) But since for me the story is all about the dwarfs it was either that or her dead in the glass casket.

All in all I believe it came out better than I thought it would fifteen minutes in.