Day two of my April Sketch Challenge is the Goblin and the HucksterOkay for day two of this challenge we have The Goblin and the Huckster. This one threw me off for a bit. The first was because it was one I wasn’t familiar with so I had to look it up. The second reason was because this turned out to be a Hans Christian Andersen story I couldn’t find it in the Grimm Fairytale Index I was using. (you can tell I didn’t have my coffee yet.) Finally I was thrown off by not knowing what a huckster was in the context of the story. (Turns out Andersen meant Grocer but it was mistranslated in the English)

After that the trick was how to include the Goblin (you got to have the goblin he’s in the title) in what is the most important image of the story when he was looking at it through a keyhole. My solution was to make the goblin really small so the keyhole was a window to him… I’m not sure how well it worked but I’m happy with the lighting.