For Day Twenty Eight of my Fairy Tale Sketch Challenge I drew Little Briar Rose.Well, today The Magic Tupperware told me to draw Little Briar Rose AKA the Grimm version of Sleeping Beauty (okay I confess, first it told me to do the The Nixie in the Pond and then theThe Spirit in the Glass Bottle… it’s the end of the challenge, I just want to get through with it with no more hassle)

So when I got to doing Sleeping Beauty two things hit me. First, with the Film Noir thing I’d been mostly trying to do throughout this challenge gave it a serious and exploitable Indiana Jones vibe. Second, I found myself wondering why Briar Rose would be sleeping in a bed when the Prince found her. She fell asleep in front of a spinning wheel. Everybody else in the castle fell asleep when she did. The only one who’d be able to move her was the wicked fairy (or the thirteenth wise woman in this case) And she certainly wouldn’t be willing.