For Day Twenty Seven of my April Fairy Tale Sketch Challenge I drew Rumpelstiltskin.This was another one time during this challenge where I kind of cheated drawing a story, Dr. Know-All, I don’t know why I put in the tupperware, to begin with. So I drew a second time and got Rumplestiltskin.

Unfortunately, while this was an easy one to conceive I ended up getting terribly behind schedule because of looking for a reference for spinning wheels. I frequently use Google Sketchup as a source of models for drawing references, however, when I tried to download a spinning wheel Sketchup developed a bit of a personality regarding new terms of use. There was no active link to click and I wasted way too much time trying to solve this problem.

I think I finally came up with something decent freehand. Other than overthinking what the whole turning straw into gold thing looked like, it went pretty well.