Well I had a very nice evening with my friends Steve and Barbara Schwartz. It was a nice small affair with a number of acquaintances talking while waiting for midnight.

It was very nice with the only stumbling point being the lobster they had gotten not thawing in time (important tip if you’re thinking of thawing something outdoors… it it’s 45 degrees outside… DON’T. It finally got cooked in the microwave.

The rest of the spread was excellent with a selection of cheeses, wantons, and finally chocolate cake. (As Barbara pointed out it was the chocoholic doing the shopping.) As for drinks lots of beer, a 2001 zinfandel that Barbara took out because she was worried it might have turned into vinegar but turned out to be excellent, a frozen vodka and of course champagne for the fireworks.

By the time it was time to go home I felt like I was going to explode and was more than a little worried about having to fight a hangover in the morning, (and getting home was a bit of a challenge since heavy fog meant the risk of drunken partiers was the least of our problems)

Still, fun was had by all and here’s hoping everybody else has a happy new year!