BirthdayCardWell today is indeed Saint Patrick’s Day. It’s a holiday I’ve had extremely mixed feelings about. Mostly because in elementary school they took it WAY too seriously.

I’m not talking about being the odd kid out for not wearing green or that silly tradition of pinching. I’m talking about genuinely getting in trouble for not wearing green. It had gotten old by fourth grade.

Later I somehow missed all of the “adult” celebration of Saint Patty’s (I’m not much of a Guinness drinker) so for the most part once I got past the “forced to wear green” thing the only thing about Saint Patrick’s was all of the sales on books about Irish folklore.

However besides all of that Saint Patrick’s day is that it’s my sister, Juliet’s birthday. This of course gives it a lot of emotional weight. (For her mostly but it rubs off. I don’t think she’s ever forgiven me for winning a prize at a school parade that neither of us knew was also a contest.)

Anyway a very happy Birthday, Juliet and hope you have a goodone.