I first heard of Bassem Youssef when he appeared as a guest on The Daily Show almost exactly a year ago on June 21st, 2012. It took me almost by surprise that the new Egyptian Government did not take kindly to his brand of humor and had him arrested. Afterwards his second appearance on the Daily Show on April 24th was just golden. I’d certainly like to be a bigger fan of him but regretably I’ve yet to find any clips of his show with English subtitles.

Anyway it was really cool to see Jon Stewart return the favor during his summer sabbatical and appear on Youseff’s show Al Bernameg. (My favorite bits were the conversation about Cairo traffic (apparently it’s their first line of defense), Stewart’s comment that if a regime cannot take a joke it does not have a regime (about 10:40 in) and of course Jon hijacking the show in the end.) Enjoy.