” Life is a rhapsody – irregular in form, and you always have to improvise.  Depressing?  Maybe, but anything you can jam to can’t be all bad.”

Rhapsodies is an ensemble cast webcomic that has been updating weekdays since 2004.

At the core of the ensemble are neighbors Paul, Kate, and Brian.  They and their friends live in Homestead, Columbia (a large city on the shores of Puget Sound, in a United States with a slightly different history).

Rhapsodies has a little bit of everything: romance, friendships, working musicians, politics, progressive booksellers, financial consultants, Goth pixies, and heavenly bureaucrats – but ultimately Rhapsodies is about people dealing with other people.

And remember, whatever happens… The Rhapsody goes on.

Bill Morse is a freelance Illustrator and Cartoonist working in Seattle Washington.  He enjoys biking, long walks on the beach, history, science fiction and drawing.


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