A recent arrival from the Far East (Boston Massachusetts.) Paul is a classically trained clarinetist and saxophone player who currently juggles his schedule between freelance gigs and the Circle Band. He tends to be too serious for his own good and   has a fairly well developed dry wit.  His frequent kvetching hides a stoic fatalistic streak.


Katherine “Kate” Jennersten: Paul’s neighbor.  Bookstore owner, social activist, closet romance novelist and Brian’s obsession.  Smart, serious and responsible,  Kate’s greatest frustration is how her ideals keep smashing against the brick wall of reality.  She perseveres by running Lysistrata books and maintaining a “literary career” of questionable value


Paul’s other neighbor. Brian is smart, arrogant, impulsive, erratic, obsessive, lacking in non-financial subtlety, and unable to stand still for over a minute.  His parents own the apartment building.  Despite his faults Brian is otherwise brilliant.  He is a mathematical prodigy and an utter wizard at accounting.  He’s just recently opened up an office across the street from Lysistrata.


Lead singer,  keyboardist and… well… mistress of the Circle Band. Michelle is very nice, sweet, caring, optimistic and frighteningly charismatic. Michelle is always willing to provide platitudes and wine to those in need. Sometimes she can seem to be a bit of a control freak…she isn’t bossy…she just assumes you’ll do what she wants…


Michelle’s best friend and housemate, Nancy is cynical, curmudgeonly, misanthropic, and is the only person who seems uncharmed by Michelle’s charisma.


The Circle Band’s bass player, Shilo doesn’t talk much because he’s too cool for words.  He is an archetypal bass player: strong, silent, and totally unflappable.He generally acts as Michelle’s executive officer for the band .


Fedya Kizhe is the Circle Band’s lead guitarist. An ethnic Russian from the Republic of Georgia, he is outgoing and gregarious, with a good-natured sense of humor.  Fedya likes to play the role of the band’s “class clown”… this facade hides…a lot.


The band’s lead  trumpeter. Gage tends to be prissy, self important, high strung, excitable and convinced the world is out to get him. The rest of the band finds him a source of exasperation and amusement.


The Circle Band’s sedate drummer, when he is not performing, Kevin seems to spend most of his time sleeping or in his own little world


A local working Jazz/Rock  “Fusion” Band (Fusion: anything the customer wants to hear) In a way, the Circle Band is more of a co-op than a band doing everything from concerts to cat food commercials.


Kate’s longtime assistant at Lysistrata Books. Far more grounded than her boss, she tends to look at the goings on at the store as her own personal spectator sport.


The latest addition to the Lysistrata staff. A cheerful British Goth and former Devon farm girl, Blossom is always happy to be helpful… to authority figures, anyway.


Two women who do the job of one. Friends of Blossom from the Goth & Pagan set. Recently hired by Brian as his minions (at the moment this consists of filing and general office work).


Brian’s younger sister who works as his Business Partner/Office Manager and handler.

Secondary Cast

Bert Blossom’s unseen best friend.
Hsin Second trumpeter for the Circle Band and Rat Pack fan.
Mitzi Nancy and Michelle’s ‘dog’. Very affectionate, very intimidating.
Ogre Friend of Blossom and bouncer at Dunsany’s
Scylla Head Bartender at Dunsany’s
Wayne-Earl Friend of Michelle who sometimes helps out as the Band’s roadie.
Ariella Carew One of Kate’s favorite authors who considers Kate’s books a “guilty pleasure.”
Liz Dudley President of the United States
Enrique Dunham Activist and source of some of Kate’s recurring headaches.
Kris Ekdahl A talent agent of terrifying ability who’s clients include Kate and the Circle Band.
Annie Fitzpatrick Brian’s Mother and Kate & Paul’s landlady.
Bridget FitzPatrick The youngest Fitzpatrick and cute as hell
Conal Fitzpatrick Brian’s younger brother.
Dan Fitzpatrick Liam’s son, Brian’s nephew.
Frank Fitzpatrick Brian’s Father and Kate & Paul’s landlord
Liam Fitzpatrick Brian’s older brother
Lori Fitzpatrick Liam’s daughter, Brian’s niece.
Rosita Fitzpatrick Liam’s wife, Brian’s sister in law.
Mr. Fluffybear Clerk at the Department of Minor Nuisances.
Sam Hathaway Trombonist for the Circle Band.
Dielle Hardin Michelle’s Assistant
Bonnie Jackson Shilo’s Daughter.
Dana Jackson Shilo’s Wife
Jules Jackson Shilo’s son.
Bibi Jennersten Kate’s Mom.
Max Jennersten Kate’s Dad
Stefan Jonnson Owner and manager of Dunsany’s and Kate’s current love interest..
Mr. Large Hideous Bull Creature Clerk at the Department of Minor Nuisances.
Åke Lind Kris’s personal assistant.
Mr. Lo Supervisor at the Department of Minor Nuisances.
Dora Long Photographer who is a friend of Kate and another one of Kris’s clients.
Diedre Luo Friend of Michelle’s who is currently dating Mr. Ying.
Kestrel MacAllister  
Janet Markowitz. Janet is Kate’s friend and accountant. Has a thing for Brian.
Tara McGuire Brian’s older sister.
Mr. Moroni Supervisor at the Department of Minor Nuisances.
Richard Okubo CEO of Okubo Industries and that rarest of humans – an enlightened plutocrat probably the most powerful person in the state, if not the west coast, and Brian’ most important client.
Laurel Olsen Kate’s best friend and fellow activist.
Bian Sanderson Guitarist for “Unknown Kadath” aand Kevin’s Girlfriend.
Bernie Sims Friend of Shilo who occasionally serves as the Circle Band’s back up Saxophonist.
Mark Tully The state’s influential senior U.S. Senator and one of Brian’s clients.
Teri Tully Senator Tully’s wife.
Mrs. Wellington Nancy’s Mom.
Mr. Ying Caseworker at the Department of Minor Nuisances.
Mr. Zhu Caseworker at the Department of Minor Nuisances.