Main Cast



Activist, closet romance novelist, and owner of Lysistrata Books, struggling mightily to reconcile her reality with her idealism.


The Circle Band’s Saxophonist and Clarinetist.  A frequently confused, but usually amused, innocent bystander.


Cynic, skeptic, Mistress of Sarcasm, and … easily annoyed



Nancy’s best friend and housemate.  The Circle Band’s lead singer, keyboardist, manager, and… well… owner.  Very perky.


The Mozart of Accounting.  Writes mathematics and physics papers for relaxation.  Seems oblivious to the chaos attributed to him.  Truly dedicated, but intermittently distracted, suitor of Kate


The Circle Band’s high strung first trumpet.




The Circle Band’s guitarist and “class clown”.  His friendly, gregarious, and outgoing, character is as genuine as it is a façade.


A cheerful British Goth, former Devon farm girl, aspiring suck-up, and the second employee that Kate hired.  Blossom is always happy to be helpful… as long as she defines ‘helpful’.


The Circle Band’s Bassist and Michelle’s ‘number two’.  Happily married with two wonderful children.



The Circle Band’s drummer… also useful for holding doors open.



Michelle’s assistant, the Circle Band’s de facto den mother.  She was on the East Coast, but “fate” intervened and now she is in Homestead.  She handles the unusual occurrences involving her boss remarkably well.


Kate’s longtime assistant at Lysistrata Books.  Solid and dependable, she regards her job as her own personal spectator sport.

 Fran & Olive


Two women who sometimes do the work of one.  Friends of Blossom. Recently hired by Brian as his minions (filing, general office, and bodyguard work)


Brian’s younger sister, business partner, and handler.


Kate’s best friend, quixotic activist lawyer, currently working for Brian


Second trumpeter for the Circle Band, devoted Rat Pack fan.

Everybody Else


Åke Lind: Kris’s personal assistant.

Amy Wellington: Nancy’s kid sister and new housemate.

Andrew Reiger: Kate’s editor at Barabas & Son’s

Annie Fitzpatrick: The matriarch of the Fitzpatrick Clan.  Paul and Kate’s landlady.

Anya: Fedya’s aunt, lives in Vladivostok.

Ariane Elder a local actress/personality who’s productions include Steampunk Gorgon, Bad Moon and Theater of the Bloody Tongue.

Ariella Carew: One of Kate’s favorite authors who enjoys Kate’s books.

Ben Richmond: Nancy’s cousin, works as an Associate at her firm.

Benny: Sometime clerk at an overtly disreputable corner market, sometime security guard for a freight elevator.

Bernie Sims: Friend of Shilo, music teacher, substitute Saxophonist or the Circle Band.

Bernie Warren: Outspoken commentator for the Poli-Span News.

Bert: Blossom’s best friend/accomplice.

Bian Sanderson: Amazonian guitarist for Unknown Kadath, Kevin’s ex-friend-with-benefits.

Bibi Jennersten: Kate’s mom.

Bonnie Jackson: Shilo’s daughter

The Border Guard: The first person you meet when entering The Most Righteous Republic of Thatotherstan, provided you come on Mondays, Wednesdays, or Fridays.

Bridget Fitzpatrick: Liam’s youngest daughter (Tara, Brian, Rowan and Conal’s niece).

Carlos Montanto: Security consultant

Conal Fitzpatrick: Youngest of the Fitzpatrick siblings, Lieutenant Commander in the Navy

Dan Fitzpatrick: Liam’s son (Tara, Brian, Rowan and Conal’s Nephew).

Dana Jackson: Shilo’s wife, mother to Bonnie and Jules.

Danielle McMannus: Vice President of an unnamed Department in Pacific Northern Railway

Deidre Luo: Hot psychopomp, Dielle’s roommate.

Dora Long: Local photographer, a friend of Kate, a client of Kris.

Eddie: Bartender at Blossom’s favorite dive.

Enrique Dunham: Activist, the source of recurring headaches for Kate.

Erika Jennersten: Kate’s cousin. She just started work at Lysistrata.

Frank Fitzpatrick: Patriarch of the Fitzpatrick clan, Paul and Kate’s landlord.

Glen McGuire: Tara’s husband. (Liam, Brian, Rowan and Conal’s Brother in law)

Gloriana Fenwick: The Duchess of Outer Fenwick.

Goblin: Resident Cat at Lysistrata.

Hilda: Blossom’s fastidious Swiss roommate.

Ira Jenkins: Commentator on the Poli-Span News Network.

Jim McMannus: CEO of Pacific Northern Railway, and one of Brian’s clients.

Janet Markowitz: Kate’s friend and accountant.  She is fascinated, nearly obsessed, with Brian.

Jules Jackson: Shilo’s son

Kestrel McAllister: Homicide detective, Kate’s token conservative friend.

Klaus: Bartender at the Peach Blossom.

Kris Ekdahl: A talent agent of terrifying ability.  Her clients include Kate and the Circle Band.

Liam Fitzpatrick: Oldest of the Fitzpatrick siblings.

Lin: Old friend of Hsin

“Little” Karl Jennersten: Kate’s not so small cousin. Sometime dockworker and sometime bouncer at Dunsany’s

Liz Dudley: President of the United States

Lori Fitzpatrick: Liam’s eldest daughter (Tara, Brian, Rowan and Conal’s niece).

Max Jennersten: Kate’s Dad

Mercedes Vampa: Naval Commander, the love of Conal’s life… perhaps some day he’ll work up the courage to tell her so.

Mitzi: Nancy and Michelle’s… ‘dog’.  Nearly as affectionate as she is intimidating.

Mr. Fluffybear: Clerk at the Department of Minor Nuisances.

Mr. Large Hideous Bull Creature: A clerk at the Department of Minor Nuisances.

Mr. Lo: Supervisor at the Department of Minor Nuisances.

Mr. Mookherji: A very important person in The Most Righteous Republic of Thatotherstan.

Mr. Moroni: Supervisor at the Department of Minor Nuisances.

Mr. Reuel: Member of the Pagan community in Homestead.

Mr. Ying: Caseworker at the Department of Minor Nuisances.

Mr. Zhu: Caseworker at the Department of Minor Nuisances.

Mrs. Wellington: Nancy’s Mom.

Ms. Driver: Richard Okubo’s mysterious assistant/chauffeur.

Ms. Intimidating Cow Monster: Mr. Lo and Mr. Moroni’s assistant at the Department of Minor Nuisances.

Ms. Wren: Agent of Love

Natasha: Waitress at Woland’s. She has a very beneficial friendship with Fedya.

Nene Hargreaves: Reporter for Poli-span News.

Ogre: Friend of Blossom and bouncer at Dunsany’s.

Peaseblossom: A self-important Pixie who shows up in dreams, and other assorted odd jobs.

Pepper: Artist, member of Unknown Kadath

Rachel: One of Nancy’s Coworkers.

Richard Okubo: CEO of Okubo Industries and enlightened plutocrat.  He thinks that he is Brian’s most important client.

Rosita Fitzpatrick: Liam’s wife (Tara, Brian, Rowan and Conal’s sister in law).

Sam Hathaway: The Circle Band’s Trombonist

Sam Langhorn: News Anchor on Poli-Span News Network.

SaschaFriend of Fedya’s with connections in the black market working out of Woland’s.

Scylla: head bartender and floor manager at Dunsany’s

Senator Mark Tully: Senior Senator for the state of Columbia.  Believes himself to be one of Brian’s most important clients.

Stefan Jonnson: Owner and manager of Dunsany’s, Kate’s current love interest.

Stella: One of Nancy’s coworkers, self-appointed rival.

Tara McGuire: the oldest Fitzpatrick sister. Not quite as smart and eccentric as Brian but still quite a handful.

Wayne-Earl: The Circle Band’s Number One Roadie

William O’Flahertie: Phlegmatic analyst and commentator at Poli-Span News Network.

Xiao Mao: Deidre’s Cat

YukiOnna: A force of Nature.