I’m ashamed to admit the background for Liam’s campaign was sloppy storytelling on my part. I had hoped to have Liam getting into politics would be the next step for Brian secretly pushing Liam up the ladder of success, and technically it still is. The problem is, beyond Brian suggesting Liam go into politics, I didn’t do a very good job showing it.

I had considered having Brian name dropping Liam during the trade show storyline. The problem with that idea is it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to notice when someone is recommending a candidate who has the same last name they do.

So, with that subpar continuity, how to bring this story thread back up without making it sound like I pulled it out of nowhere? Fortunately, Brian is generally so all over the place he rarely remembers half of his plans, especially the ones he delegated out. Allowing Tara to remind us along with her brother.

And speaking of Tara, she’s becoming more fun to write every time she shows up. Considering how a lot of her… hobbies involve her manipulating people’s lives; politics is the next obvious step for her…

Be afraid, be very afraid